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Get access to Debra's introductory video course in Astrology absolutely free. No credit card required. The Star Community is a chance to experience her gifts first-hand. Debra uses humor to connect with people and show you the world through Astrology's lens of compassion and love. Star Community featured videos A preview of some of the incredible videos that will be available to you as a member. The Wait Is Over.

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Our Community Is Here The Star Community is a group of unique individuals who are curious about the bigger picture and are ready to find their place in it. Astrology has me in love—with life, and the experience of being human. My dream is coming true. Now, there is a simple way for me to teach you the magic of the stars: I am going to help you remember why you are here.

That is why I created The Star Community. We'll watch videos together, and you'll be able to ask me questions directly as you connect with other members of The Star Community. Did you know the moon changes signs every two days? You will get a new video describing its influence —just like a weather report. This membership will provide you with a map—not just to the stars, but a map that leads to one place: kindness. Astrology cultivates understanding and compassion.

There are some genuine readers out there but this site is not one of them. Stay clear. They are lying and deciving people from there money. Thank you for the parts you have included which have been insightful, but please make sure you include everyday of the reading you have charged for.

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Thanks Amie. A big thank you to Dawn and her team with the very accurate predictions which are helping me make the right decisions and moving forward in the right directions. Thank u Dawn and Team. It's because of all of u, I now am exploring the deeper meaning behind my self, whether, it's my past, present, or future. Dear Dawn and Astrology Answers, I've been elating strides of comforting bliss, no matter my stormy seas, at this precise moment. Your thorough precisioned material, on pointers and factors by far, have been accurately pivotal.

Bless you much as will recommend to many further on.

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The journey with you is wonderful!!!! I'm getting started with my personal guide so still a lot of unanswered questions and will probably be for a while working at my pace. I'm looking forward to understanding more about myself and if I can be strong enough to get a stronger hold on my future.

I feel things as many of you do and sure I'm not the only one that feels a special connection and experience with someone beyond my natural senses. Horoscopes have been on point and I look forward to finding the same with my personal guide. I have purchased the personalized Transit Period Guide offered by Dawn Anne and for almost 3 weeks I have been exchanging e-mails with their customer service team, explaining to them that the birthplace considered is WRONG.

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They used a place which I never informed and even after 4 messages asking them to correct it, I already got 2 new version that STILL do not consider the right information. Due to my dissatisfaction with the Service, I requested a refund, which was absolutely ignored. So honestly, I would NOT recommend this services to anyone. If they have such a hard time to simply get a birthplace right, what can you expect from the professionalism and reliability of the content they are delivering? Since I've been intuitive with my higher self, she lead me to Dawn and who introduce me to the Astrology world of learning who you really are and meant to become.

I love my Transit Period Guide a lot and my daily Horoscope reading and not to mention the Tarot card experts, the person that gave me a reading was right dead on! I Loved it! Thank you, Connie. They are helpful;I recommend everyone to step outside and take action. Leave the fear aside! I took their advices,and gone to the positive side. We all are having parallel life,depends on which side are u going:left or right! Hi, i found it marvellously straigth, clear and sintetic.. It came with an informative card to identify each stone and purpose in a black velvety bag.

I recommend anyone to step outside the box of fear and allow your positive energy to flow. Thank you so much again. Astrology Answers makes my day every day. I really want some information om how to use it and what each card means. This is truly amazing, I highly recommend you try it out yourself. I have been with Astrology Answers for 2 years. I have gained confidence in the Astrological transits and it's influence on our energy vibrations and proper functioning of our body-mind system.

I had been using the Transit Guide and daily astrological advice in my life. I am really happy to be with Adrian's Transit Guide. I am also with Patti in the Soul Space.

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I could identify my critical periods in my personal transformation with the help and Guidance from Astrological Answers. Overview Reviews About. Write a review. Filter by:.

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Milking Money through unprofessionalism 2 stars because while I was satisfied with the purchased monthly forecast and the experts, I WAS NOT happy with my subscriptions. Reply from Astrology Answers. Hi Tanara, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We're sorry to hear that you are so frustrated by this situation.

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All of our customer service channels should be fully operational, including live chat and email, and your request should have been handled accordingly. Our Happiness Manager would love to speak with you directly and ensure that your subscriptions are properly cancelled in order to avoid any more bother for you. Please reach out to happiness astrologyanswers.

Talk soon, The Astrology Answers Team. Incorrect information. October 7th, Hi Kirsten, Our records indicate that instead of emailing myself directly at the email provided to you below in the first message, you attempted to contact our general mailbox again, where our agents did their best to help you. Given that we handle hundreds of emails daily, our general service agents are not necessarily briefed on every individual situation from our social channels.

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I can assure you that we are not a scam, we DO have a dedicated customer service department, and when people reach out to us through the appropriate channels, we respond within hours. We take our customer satisfaction seriously, and do not lie or "give false information" about people who work for this company. If you'd like to contact me directly this time, as was suggested, my e-mail address remains happiness astrologyanswers. We're really sorry to hear that our product and services aren't meeting your expectations. Our Happiness Manager would love to speak with you directly and see what we can do to rectify the situation.

Thanks and talk to you soon, The Astrology Answers Team. I am very happy with your service it is… I am very happy with your service it is very helpful to my life. Hi Barbara, Thank you for taking the time to leave those kind words for us! We're so happy to hear you're enjoying your experience with Astrology Answers so far, and that we could help you on your life's journey. Our team deeply appreciates the feedback we receive from our members, and we hope to hear more from you as you continue to explore within our community!

Have a beautiful day, The Astrology Answers Team. Hi Rachel, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We're sorry to hear that you are so frustrated by this situation; however, we do not have any associates named 'Cecilia', nor do we have a record of any Unsubscribe requests involving profanity, and we are concerned that you are being targeted by a fraudulent account posing as Astrology Answers in order to gain confidential information. Hi Amie, Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us! We're sorry to hear that your Transit Period Guide did not meet your expectations- our mission at Astrology Answers is to ensure we have the highest quality content and products, and our customer's satisfaction is very important to us.

Our Happiness Manager would love to speak with you directly and see if there is anything we can do to help you with your concerns. Please reach out to support astrologyanswers. A big thank you to Dawn and her team… A big thank you to Dawn and her team with the very accurate predictions which are helping me make the right decisions and moving forward in the right directions. Hello Maite!