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Early elections are still the only solutions for taking the country out of the political crisis it has been mired in. The more they are delayed, the more the chances of a victory for a pro-Russian and anti-European faction taking power will grow. By granting loans, even on condition, the West is buying time. Early elections, which now seem improbable, could become not only probable, but even desirable by fall, on condition the present parliamentary majority and the Filip government do not achieve reform, calming tensions by dialog with the opposition and civil society.

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This step contributed to the global spread of the image of Ukraine as a peace-loving state seeking for international stability. According to some analysts, the rejection of strategic nuclear weapon gave Ukraine the possibility to relatively peacefully survive the turbulent s on the post- Soviet territory and relatively painlessly withdraw from the USS1. In fact, its paragraphs enunciatively claim that, in case of military threats to Ukraine, the guarantor states are only obliged to launch consultations in order to resolve the conflict2. Lavrov said Russia did not violate the Budapest Memorandum since it did not threaten Ukraine with nuclear strikes.

This is the new Russian view on this treaty. Belarus and Kazakhstan, which in the mid-nineties also abandoned nuclear arsenal in exchange for guarantees from the USA, Russia and the UK, find themselves in a similar situation.

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Butkevych, A. Argentina, Brazil and South Africa voluntarily gave up on their nuclear program research, while Romania had experimental devices for civilian research and developed nuclear centres for energy. In addition, this generates international tension since the aggressive foreign policy of Russia has raised doubts concerning the regulatory function of the international law.

In fact, the Russian Federation jeopardizes the entire regime of nuclear non-proliferation formed during last thirty years. Current Russian behaviour introduces instability into regional and global security, and thus, hinders the process of nuclear disarmament. Such activity forms the belief that interests of non-nuclear weapons states are significantly less protected than of the states-members of the nuclear club.

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Therefore, politicians and scientists continue a lively discussion concerning Ukraine joining one of the existing collective security systems, and NATO inter alia. Theoretical Framework Since the independence of Ukraine was proclaimed in the early twentieth century, Ukrainian political elite appealed to various options in order to support national interests and security.

Multi-vector activity, the rejection of non-aligned status, joining a framework of collective security, the need to seek help from allies, etc. Thus, proposals concerning the creation of new security systems appear. Such systems would encompass states which are under significant threat of an attack at a new stage of establishing the international order. The priority of their research lies in determining the extent of Ukraine-NATO cooperation deepening, specification of strategic directions, and defining political importance of membership in the alliance.

In addition, analytical developments and projects of authorship gain currency suggesting new collective security systems in which Ukraine would play the primary role or one of the major ones, and variants of cooperation within the Collective Security Treaty at least with individual NATO member-states.

The achievements of such researchers as Valeeva8, Kramar9, Lucas10, Korbut11, focused on hypothetical strategies used by members of such associations, the role of global leaders in these strategies, etc. In this context, updating of normative legal documents of strategic nature should not be overlooked. Summarizing, the lack of conceptual theoretical studies, which could add to the journalistic essays and other works of those who care about the future Ukraine, has to be noted.

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Advantages and Disadvantages of Membership in Collective Security Systems International security is a multi-dimensional concept which encompasses national security of individual countries and peoples, regional sub-regional security of certain groups of states and parts of the planet, and thus, integrates to the level of global international security. The latter is considered when protection and realization of human values and interests, overcoming threats on the global scale with impact on the security of other states, are referred to.

This refers to collective security systems within which overall security of states is guaranteed on the regional or interregional scales through their joint efforts in preventing threats to peace and acts of aggression. Researchers have determined the following main features of collective security systems: 1 member-states take on at least three commitments which define the internal functioning of the system, namely: a not to resort to force in mutual relations; b to resolve all disagreements peacefully; c to cooperate for the elimination of any threat to peace; 2 there is a structural unity of states, embodied in an international organization, coordination and advisory bodies, systematic meetings, sessions and other activities of the members within this organization and beyond it.

The British publicist E. One of the most influential interregional organizations and collective security systems is NATO.

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Currently, this organization directly borders Ukraine and thus, in the context of the Russian military conflict with Ukraine, reacts to it and to the situation in the Euro-Atlantic and global security space in general. Under such circumstances, member-states have to modernize their defence planning, logistics, infrastructure and approaches to a combination of hard and soft power as means of hybrid war.

However, according to the Head of the Security and Defence Policy Programme Marian Majer, the adoption of such decisions and the adaptation of the Alliance to new realities is a challenge because the organization includes 28 members with their unique political systems and internal problems Diagram 1. Thus, according to Ukrainian diplomats, it is important to convey accurate information about pros and cons of NATO membership, dispel myths, change stereotypes among people.

For years, the Ukrainian ruling elite had been neglecting coverage of characteristic features of the integration for the general public under active Russian propaganda, which resulted in opposing NATO membership by the majority of Ukrainians Secondly, an important argument in the debate is the attitude of the political elite and the public of NATO member-states to the Ukrainian prospects in joining the Alliance.

For years, they were passive, sceptical and generally negative though the elite of the Alliance members formally recognized the stabilizing role of Ukraine in Europe. Thus, on May 20, , during the NATO summit in Chicago, the organization adopted a declaration which states, in its 35th paragraph, that an independent, sovereign and stable Ukraine is a key to Euro-Atlantic security Poroshenko and A. Yatsenyuk the need for membership was not even mentioned. Similarly, the stereotype that Euro- Atlantic integration is preferred by only a small minority of Ukrainian citizens was dominant in the West.

They re-instituted the provision for integration into the Euro-Atlantic security space, removed from the list of national priorities in Thus, the law de jure abolished nonaligned status of Ukraine, which still exists de facto, and defined the priority to deepen cooperation with NATO in order to meet the criteria required for membership in this organization Given the duration of the Russian threat and other changes in the external and domestic security environments growing threat of ISIS, terrorism, economic crisis, the occupation of the Crimea-Donbass area , Ukraine needs further improvements in the normative field of national security, strengthening its updated security priorities.

In addition, the document provides for the reform and development of intelligence, counterintelligence and law enforcement, public administration reform and reaching new quality of anti-corruption policy The cooperation with NATO will promote democratic values in Ukraine; the formation of a stable security environment is an important tool to support reforms, particularly in the defence and security sector, development of joint responses to modern security challenges and threats Therefore, Ukraine has currently determined the priorities of its security.

However, it should be noted that candidates for NATO membership have to fulfil many criteria, concerning a certain level of internal stability in particular. However, some researchers point out that the Charter of the organization does not contain points restricting membership of a state which has problems with its boundaries In the Ukrainian case, another crucial task towards joining NATO is the transformation of the security sector Diagram 3.

However, given the degradation of the latter during recent years, due to lack of funds and corruption, it requires reconstruction rather than transformation. Diagram 3. Chekalenko notes that Ukraine needs a new protection model. Thus, such analysts as O.

Kramar suggest using the experience of military-political alliances created during the Cold War by the most active members of the Alliance in Asia and the Pacific region. These two models should be represented schematically. Feasibly, the hypothetical proposals and analytical developments concerning possibilities of establishing and operating new collective security systems in the near future is an urgent issue only for Ukrainian scientists, politicians, journalists and activists.

In the European information space, unfortunately, there is no discourse which would reflect theoretical elaborations of geopolitical strategies, and thus, the practical security strategy to combat eastern aggression does not exist. However, the contradiction between key international players interferes with the actual creation of effective security structures in Europe and in the world Particularly, the EU continues to respond situationally tactically to Russian aggression against Ukraine, hoping for exhaustion of masses and Russian elites from economic downturn.

The danger of this scenario increases. Bugajski, The Cold Peace. It can result in tensions in defined regions, emergence of new division lines, and spread of conflict to neighbouring countries and regions. It is clear that elaborating a common strategic approach to security within the European space is most necessary and vital primarily for Central and Eastern European states. However, their association in a strong political and security alliance faces numerous problems. Therefore, given the situational displays of solidarity of the Visegrad Group members, Ukraine does not seek for new forms of collective defence in its framework.

In this context, attention is drawn to the security strategy of Poland and the Baltic States, which currently look for support within NATO and do not try to simultaneously build regional security networks including the one which involves the Scandinavian countries in which they would be less dependent on Western European allies who do not exhibit excessive readiness to defend their allies in the case of a military crisis In the international debate, Ukraine is not mentioned even as a potential partner in the regional security network Lucas notes that these states have a deep culture of strategic vision.

In these countries, public and professional politicians are aware of the need for a serious approach to defence. Instead, Lithuania regained conscription and doubled spending on defence. Therefore, despite scepticism about the Ukrainian partnership in security alliances, we agree with the opinion of E.

Lucas on division of Europe into countries whose elites are afraid of Russian revisionism, and other countries whose elites are not afraid of this. Based on this division and the increasing number of states that are aware of the aggression possibility according to E. Lucas notes that the association of states in this security alliance would require painful changes.

In addition, analysts point out that such security and defence structures, based on Visegrad Group, involving Ukraine and Romania, and with the political center in Warsaw are especially advantageous for the USA39, would be viable only under the leadership of America, which is an important partner for all countries of the region and for which this structure is beneficial However, some US experts suggested the formation of a regional alliance strategy on 36 E.

This has not been vividly supported by the US government yet Of course, although until recently the highlighted ideas were not even discussed by officials, now there is a high probability of their implementation.

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Particularly, the initiative of creating a new geopolitical influential block involving Ukraine, Poland and Romania was introduced by the newly elected Polish President Andrzej Duda This would imply a partnership which covers the territory from the Baltic Sea to the Adriatic and Black Seas. According to A.

www.cantinesanpancrazio.it/components/tykewozi/409-cellulari-iphone.php Analysts state that the projects of such unions appeared after the First World War. In the first half of the twentieth century, Ukrainian social and political activist Yuri Lypa wrote about creation of the Baltic-Black Sea Union. The main purpose of this association is the desire to transform the specified region from the object into the subject of collective global policy able to compete for global leadership.

Picture 1.