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They are amazing storytellers and are full of wittiness while doing so. One thing about a Gemini is that they have the habit of reaching out the facts but not in a harmful manner, they only like to develop themselves by telling the stories of their adventures. However, if you are facing the worst situation of life than Gemini will never mind hearing you They are supportive and profound listeners who are so enthusiastic to help their friends in need. They are always looking for a witty and intelligent friend.

The Odd Couples of the Zodiac

According To Your Zodiac Sign. As a Taurus, Cancers are also an amazing friend. They will treat you with lots of compassion, care, and generosity. This is the sign who is very protective about their close ones. Helping others is what makes them happy from inside and mostly enjoy helping their friends.

You just need to put some effort to get back their faith in you. Sometimes Cancers can be little picky about their friends and will wait for their friends to approach them. They can get and extremely defensive and mothering. Can have a highly difficult relationship with Aquarius and Sagittarius.

Leos are friendly and easy going. They have a cheerful personality and will welcome people at face value. Leos Just love friendship and are prideful about their friends. So if you a Leo friend in your life than be ready to receive plenty of loyalty, generosity, support, and honesty. This sign always loves to be in the limelight, so they will never tolerate someone who seizes their attention.


However, Leo looks for a friend who accurately appreciates being an amazing Leo companion. They will never mind rebuking and criticizing their friends while failing to do so. Nonetheless, a good Leo will never get too rude on these matters. Companionship among Leo, Capricorn or Pisces may be very tough one. Virgos makes a really great friend. They have a supportive kind and charismatic persona and are even aware of facts about many topics.

They are very good at giving advice and people often count on their advice during the time of their dilemma.

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In friendship, Virgos are known for their profound loyalty. Possibly think of a circumstance where they speak up something very terrible or doing something very bad, their stiff and fault-finding behavior often push away friends. This is the sign who is totally outgoing by nature and you can call them the social butterfly of the entire zodiac sign family.

They feel best when they are enclosed by a large group of friends, they are dynamic individuals who just love parties and gathering.

Aries (March 21 – April 19) + Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Libras are very dedicated friends and can go extra miles in order to help them. This is the signs who is always preoccupied with friends and communications.

Friendship Sun Sign Compatibility | Friend Relationship Astrology - Sun sign Friendship matching

They enjoy conveying and socializing with their companions, and even loves to have a healthy debate, it means that sometimes the debate may turn out fiery they will never hold a grudge, debate gives pleasures to a Libra. When surrounded by people they can even get annoyed and resentful at times, so that means they even need space at times.

During their worst times, Libra can even be manipulative, narcissist and lazy. However, it can either be love or hate relationship. This is the sign who are very selective about who to call their friends, so they like to surround themselves with few friends. Their wise nature often makes them good advisers. They are known for their hospitableness and kindness nature. So, they make sure to make their friends feel home and want to them at their place but hate to visit others places.

If by any mistake you may betray or angered this moody and hot-tempered Scorpion, then they can turn to be revengeful and harmful. They will meet difficulty while trying to befriend Gemini or Aries.

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Actually, being a friend with a Sagittarius is an enchanting experience as they are literally joyful and optimistic individuals. They have uncovered folks who are ready for every adventure of life. They like to go with the flow and are very open to new places, cultures, and people. They are a very giving and protective friend.

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  6. Contrarily, this signs just hate having a small circle of friends, Closeness and emotional attachment really make this so furious, and sometimes they turn out to be bit impulsive. They even turn out to be zealous, impatient and even can encourage their friend. Sagittarius Friendship Compatibility: Sagittarius often have issues while being friends with Virgo, Pisces and also with Gemini. Companionship with Taurus and Cancer can be very explosive. This sign has a very tough exterior and that really frightens people to get close to them. But when you have earned the friendship of them than they will turn to be one of the most loyal, kind and caring friends.

    Best Friend Matches for Your Sign

    As a friend Capricorns are very faithful and supportive and no matter what they will always stand up for you, even in your worst days. While Cancer has the quality of being a motherly friend than Capricorn has the quality of being a fatherly friend, this is the sign who is more mature than their current age. They even hate people when being deceived and hurt.

    So what if rather than being predicted by flower petals, love is actually written in the stars? The term synchronicity was coined by Carl Jung based on his studies of married couples and how their relationships measured up to Astrological predictions. He repeated his study three times using different methods and continually came up with results that supported Zodiac Compatibility. While he did not go so far as to consider the evidence firm proof of celestial cause and effect, it lends credence to our modern applications for the Astrological arts.

    Overall the best evidence is our own experimentation. You can then apply your knowledge and see what happens at the end of the day… or perhaps a lifetime! Relationships start with attraction and commonalities. There are rare moments when a spark just simply leaps between people quickly with abandon, but more often finding out about another human being takes time. What compatibility information provides is a starting point. Astrological counterparts for companions start with their Sun Sign based on their birth date and time.

    The generally recognized traits of that sign is then compared to your own. Many Lightworkers tell us that there is every possibility that all signs could be compatible based on the way a chart shakes out. Additionally people who are good at adjustments and compromise will have greater success making what might otherwise be a match of seeming opposite personalities work for both people. Another consideration in the Astrological dating game is the Elemental connection of each sign. A Water sign with an Earth sign could make for very mucky waters, or they may end up in a sexy round of mud wrestling.