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Thinkal Muthal Velli Vare Jayadevan Chungathara Jayaram , a hit writer of Malayalam soap operas, is forced to marry his biggest fan, Pushpavalli Rimi Tomy , after she attempts suicide when Jayadevan snubs her. Jayadevan was in for a shock however, when he sees Pushpavalli spend all of her evenings watching Jayadevan's soaps on TV, leaving no time for him. Mannar Mathai Speaking 2 Ring Master Prince Dileep , a worker at his childhood pal Dr. Muthu's Kalabhavan Shajohn animal hospital, becomes the owner of a female Golden Retriever puppy after her mother dies.

He names her 'Diana', to get back at his ex-girlfriend Diana Honey Rose , who had dumped him after becoming a film star. Soon, Prince gets a chance to get even with his ex-girlfriend, as the two Diana's face off in a new film.


Avatharam Madhavan Dileep , an educated man from Bisonvalley, Idukki, comes to Kochi to stay with his brother's family after his brother's Ganesh Kumar sudden death. When he is spurned by the cops after he raises concerns about his brother's death, Madhavan tries to unravel the mystery himself. Konthayum Poonoolum A multi-linear story where various peoples' lives intersect around the occult.

Bakery worker Krishnan Kunchacko Boban rushes home to his pregnant wife Bhama. A cop Kalabhavan Mani picks up a lady Kavitha Nair who later turns up dead. Usurer Sethu Manoj K Jayan is shocked to find his imaginary pal come alive. A photographer Joy Mathew has a bizarre encounter in a mortuary. Salala Mobiles Black Butterfly Both interrogations tell parallel stories which lead up to unraveling the reasons behind the attack on Reena. Maad Dad Razia Padmapriya , who incidentally also happened to be responsible for Annamma's death, albeit unknowingly.

Maria tries to nurse Easo back to health. Nadodi Mannan Padmanabhan starts a major effort to get back land illegally acquired by Prakash. Madirasi Chandran Pillai Jayaram is a widower from a village in Kerala.

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Chandran travels to Madirasi to buy a brand new bike for his son. Namukku Parkkan Josettante Hero Superstar Ravi Prakash Asokan , who also used to be a protege of Jose, initially promises him dates, but later reneges on his word. They face numerous curveballs along the way from Ravi.


Trivandrum Lodge The lives of various people intersect at Trivandrum Lodge, a decrepit lodge in the heart of Kochi. The owner of the lodge is Ravishankar Anoop Menon , a rich widower who kept the lodge intact due to sentimental reasons. The government, taking stock of the real estate in that area, asks Ravishankar to prove his ownership of the lodge, but after Ravishankar is unsuccessful in finding the lodge's documents, the inmates are faced with eviction.

Karmayodha DCP Madhava Menon Mohanlal of Mumbai police, also known as "Mad Maddy" because of his temperamental character, is an encounter specialist who kills off criminals rather than risk them getting off via legal loopholes. Theevram Ulakam Chuttum Valiban In no time, Jayashankar turns out to be a new age urban thief, but he gets the shock of his life when he gets a job as SI of Police. Violin Venicile Vyapaari SP Raghu Ramavarma Janardanan assigns police constable Pavithran Mammootty to a far-off village to solve the murder of union leader Ajayan Biju Menon , to get Pavithran away from his daughter Lakshmi Poonam Bajwa , who was in love with him.


A born seller, Pavithran strikes big, but invites the ire of local bigwigs, the Chunkathara family, who plots to ruin Pavithran. Make-up Man To get Soorya back, Balu returns as a makeup man again for a co-actress of Soorya's, but Soorya's director Siddarth Siddique has taken a fancy to her, complicating things. Ulakam Kudumbasree Travels Koodiyattam artist Aravinda Chakyar Jayaram finally meets his dream girl in Ashwathy, a Nangyar Koothu artist, but their weddings get disrupted at the last minute due to various reasons, the latest being a photo linking Chakyar to Hemalatha Radhika , a member of Chakyar's wedding party.

Payyans Josie's joy is short-lived however when seeing his indisciplined life, John takes him to task to instill some disciple in his life. Mummy and Me Jewel Archana Kavi , a rebellious teenager was always at loggerheads with her over-possessive mother Clara Urvashi , with her hapless dovish father Joseph Mukesh torn in between.

Annarakkannanum Thannalayathu Do-gooder Changampuzha Pavithran Kalabhavan Mani gets into a fix when an astrologer predicts his marriage to a virgin widow, which would also bring him good fortune. In between his fruitless searches for his bride, he helps a damsel in distress, Lakshmi Jayashree , but ends up in a big mess when he becomes indebted to usurer Muthupandi Chettiar Janardanan on Lakshmi's behalf. Malarvadi Arts Club In a moment of financial crisis, Kumaran Nedumudi Venu , their mentor who formed Malarvadi club, makes the group take up music once again.

Bodyguard Jayakrishnan Dilip is a bodyguard who is very into what he does. When he saves Ashokans Thyagarajan life, Jayakrishnan now has the responsibility of protecting his daughter Ammu Nayantara. However, Ammu doesn't like the fact that Jayakrishnan is too protective of her so she devises a plan to distract him. She makes him fall in love with a mystery woman. However, things get messy when Ammu realizes what her true feelings are. Chekavar Pramani Karyasthan The two prominent families of a village, Puthedathu, lead by Shankaran Nair G. Best of Luck The only problem?

Although Surya was the love child of the late multimillionaire Vinayaka Naicker Prabhu , Naicker's elder son Vinayakan Prabhu had a tight grip on Surya's purse strings. Elsamma Enna Aankutty Love in Singapore Makante Achan Sanmanasullavan Appukuttan Utharaswayamvaram Samasthakeralam P. Seetha Kalyanam Meanwhile, the bride-to-be Abhirami Geethu Mohandas , also shared a similar pain, as she was forced into agreeing for the wedding with Sreeni, even though she was in love with Ambi Indrajith , her musician father Nellai Ramaswamy's Oduvil Unnikrishnan favorite pupil.

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E Pattanathil Bhootham Jimmy takes the help of the spirit to prove his innocence. Loudspeaker Stodgy Menon Sasi Kumar , a US-return kidney patient, after a long wait, gets a donor in the form of loud-mouthed simpleton Philippose aka Mike Mammootty who moves in with Menon into his high-rise flat till the day of the surgery.

Moz D. Jayan , who had gypped him. Aayirathil Oruvan Aravindan Kalabhavan Mani , a bourgeoisie ration shop owner, borrows jewelery to marry his sister off, with the hope that the jewelery he would get as dowry via his own marriage can be used to repay the debt. However, his plans are foiled when his wife Saraswathi's Sujitha jewelry turn out to be fake. With no other go, he borrows money from multiple usurers. Kadha, Samvidhanam Kunchakko Aramanayil Kunchacko Sreenivasan , a year old ruthless self-made millionaire, marries Ann Mary Meena , a year old girl.

Kunchacko also takes on the task of keeping Kuncheria safe from the cops. Chattambinadu Rich gangster Vijendra Mallayya Mammootty returns to the village of Chembattunadu, popularly known as "Chattambinadu" land of goons , from where he had once run away as a teenager, falsely accused of a crime. This time he had bought the house belonging to Mallanchira family, much to the chagrin of their warring enemies, the Kaattappalli family, headed by Kaattapalli Nagendran Siddique.

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Nagendran tries to drive Mallayya away, whilst Mallaya tries to break Nagendra's hegemony in the village. Magic Lamp But the truth is, he's just a guy Jayaram whose photo she stumbled upon by chance. Now that her relatives have a face to go on, they're determined to find Anupama's man. But their misguided search lead them to three different lookalike suspects - basketball coach Sunny Kuruvila, Dr. Minnaminnikkoottam Maya Bazar Rameshan Mammootty , an automotive scrap dealer of the Maya Bazar colony, has an ongoing rivalry with Bhadran Kalabhavan Mani , over Maya Sheela , whom Bhadran fancies, but who loves Rameshan.

One day Rameshan is called to the govt. Hearing that Lakshmi had suffered a blow to the head, which lead to the accident, Rameshan sets out to unknot the secrets behind Lakshmi's death. Crazy Gopalan There he teams up with another thief Lakshmanan Salim Kumar. In the hope of striking it big, they fall prey to a trap set by banker Babu John Manoj K.

Lakshmanan is killed by Babu, but Gopalan escapes. Malabar Wedding But when Manukuttan's turn came, his friends' jokes cause things to get out of hand. Annan Thambi Ingottu Nokkiye Sambhasivan's stupidities create problems for Sivan. College Kumaran Sethunathan Siddique , Education Minister, tries various tricks to acquire the college, but Kumaran foils them all.

Kumaran now must prove his innocence. Roudram Narendran Mammootty is a daring cop who has always been keen on doing his duty, but is forced to make compromises due to all kinds of pressures.

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The enthusiasm that he had when he donned Khakhi for the first time gradually gets eroded and he is often reminded that as a cop, there were a lot of limitations. But then Narendran is put in charge of a murder case.

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The usual pressures arise, but somehow he finds it in him to work against these pressures and do his duty the way he thinks is right. Panthayakkozhi Inspector Garud CI Madhavankutty Dileep , whose corruption earned him the nickname "Garudan", routinely bends the law for the likes of rich criminals like Arumukha Chettiyar Vijayaraghavan. Once Madhavankutty misbehaves towards the district Sub-Collector Sethulakshmi Kavya Madhavan , for which he was forced to publicly apologize.

Determined to get back at Sethulakshmi, he gets his chance, when he forcefully marries Sethulakshmi after threatening to put her drug addict brother behind bars for selling drugs. Khakhee While the former is fearless and takes on any criminal without hesitation, the latter is known in the police circles as the "spineless policeman". When Unnikrishnan gets transferred to Ramakrishnan's police station as the SI, he takes on the corrupt local leaders, cops and hoodlums there, which results in consequences for the peaceful life of their family.

Nazrani Nazrani zooms in on the life of a rich planter, David John Kottaram, whose luxurious life style is turned topsy turvy when his beloved ones are affected by certain incidents. Hello The movie is about lawyer Sivaraman Mohanlal , an alcoholic, who leaves his practice and hits the bottle after his family disapproves of his love. He receives an anonymous call on his cell phone from a damsel in distress who has been abducted by goons. He rescues the woman and learns that she is from a wealthy family and someone from that family wants to kill her for her wealth.