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I guess I find it soothing. I like reading horoscopes for the same reason I like reading advice columns — I appreciate the motivation and words of wisdom. Jupiter is in my house of true love! All that being said, I am a real connoisseur when it comes to my free always free horoscopes. No matter what planets are opposed to me or whatever , the advice she always gives me is to travel or redecorate. Even if I am a Taurus!

List of Famous Astrologers

So, to celebrate the beginning of a new month, here are my preferred horoscope sources — all young, independent astrologers who use the stars to actually get into real talk. I like to discuss them with my friends as a way to gossip about our lives in new and interesting ways. Here are a few notable entries:.

The Hellenistic Astrology Website Promoting the study of the history, philosophy and techniques of ancient astrology. Timeline of Ancient Astrologers This timeline lists the approximate dates of the major astrologers of the Hellenistic astrological tradition, as well as the dates of some relevant historical events.

The concept of natal astrology or genethlialogy was developed by this time. This is essentially the birth of Hellenistic astrology. Thrasyllus becomes the personal astrologer for the Emperor Tiberius prior to 2 CE, and subsequently writes an astrological manual titled Table sometime before his death in 36 CE. He served the emperors Claudius, Nero and Vespasian.

Famous Astrologers from India

Antiochus of Athens wrote a book of definitions of astrological concepts, perhaps sometime around the 1st century CE. Critodemus wrote a work known as the Vision and another named Table likely sometime in the 1st century. Teucer of Babylon wrote a text that dealt with the planets, the signs, and co-rising stars, probably sometime in the 1st century. Dorotheus of Sidon wrote his five book instructional poem on astrology sometime around the last quarter of the 1st century.

Book 5 is the earliest surviving treatment of electional or katarchic astrology.

Manetho wrote his Apotelesmatika sometime in the early 2nd century. He was born in May 80 CE.

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The Greek original of the Yavanajataka was written in Egypt in the early 2nd century. Claudius Ptolemy wrote the Tetrabiblos sometime around the mid-2nd century, attempting to re-conceptualize astrology within the broader context of Aristotelian natural philosophy. Vettius Valens wrote the books which were later compiled as his Anthology towards the middle of the 2nd century.

He was born February 8,

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